Travel Insurance

Life can be unpredictable and these days things can change rapidly, especially when it comes to travel. The best way to protect your investment in a retreat is to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance will often cover cancellations due to illness or injury, medical bills incurred while traveling, and costs associated with unforeseen trip delays.

Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Buying a plan can be a smart move if you are feeling cautious about the cost of your trip, possible illness or injury, or potential weather-related cancellations or interruptions. Travel insurance can also help reimburse you for pre-paid events (like a retreat!) that you would lose if you needed to cancel your trip.

NOTE: To receive the full benefit of travel insurance, it often needs to be purchased within 14 days of booking your retreat (not from the date of your retreat).

Cancel For Any Reason Policy

Like any insurance, there are rules and exclusions for certain types of claims. There is, however, a type of coverage called “cancel for any reason.” With this high-end coverage, the insurance company will reimburse 50-75% of non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your retreat.

Where Can I Get Travel Insurance?

There are a lot of choices for coverage:

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