Mastering Your Mojo
Mexico Men's Retreat

Punta Mita, Mexico
April 9th - 13th, 2019

Just imagine...

You wake up to the sounds of waves crashing along the shore of coastal Mexico... the same entrancing sound that lulled you to sleep last night. 

An ocean breeze wafts through the open window carrying with it the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee...

Your body feels refreshed in a way that it hasn't in a very long time as you stroll through the airy living room to the kitchen....

Rosi greets you with a warm hug and an insanely infectious smile as our private chef Nayum puts the finishing touches on an amazing gourmet breakfast... 

Sound good so far? Well that's just the beginning... 

Welcome to Hacienda Alegre in Punta Mita, Mexico!


You've survived the "hair-on-fire-I'm-going-to-die" world of pain that so many of us have found ourselves in and the question is, "Okay, now what?"
How about:

  • More confidence...
  • More fun... 
  • More love, affection and sex
  • More MOJO!

We designed this retreat to be for our "alumni" - those of you who are already well on their way to recovering from "death by female."

How do you know if you're an alumnus? Here are the prerequisites:

  • You are or have been a private client of Steve Horsmon, Tim Wade, or Dan Dore
  • You have attended a previous retreat with us
  • You have taken the "How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb" course with Tim and Steve
  • You have been personally interviewed by one of us for consideration

Are You Ready To Go to the Next Level?

Here are just a few of the things we'll be discussing and learning:

  • Master your thoughts and emotions so you can respond instead of just react
  • Step outside the drama triangle and stay there
  • Be present, responsive and engaged while staying in YOUR frame
  • Cherish your alone time without being lonely
  • Listen actively for insight and understanding to develop more empathy and compassion
  • Stay in your "mature man" frame while re-fathering your "immature boy" reactions
  • Learn to shamelessly face your "hidden triggers" and become more powerful because of it
  • Embody the behaviors and actions of a healthy, secure, and confident man
  • Create a future that you can start living now


Mastering Your Mojo
Mexico Men's Retreat

Punta Mita, Mexico
April 9th - 13th, 2019

This highly exclusive, one-of-a-kind
experience is open to only 

Come learn, stretch, relax, revive, and enjoy the
company of some extraordinary brothers.

Included in your stay:

  • Transformational Coaching and Strategic Training Presentations
  • Team building adventure surprise (Off site)
  • Big, Beautiful Private Room and Bathroom
  • Gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
    Snacks and Drinks
  • Full access to the private pool, beach, surfing, lush grounds and tennis court
  • "Blood Pressure Therapy" via daily happy hour sunsets
  • The intoxicating fragrance of the Pacific Ocean (no extra charge) 

The entire investment for the all-inclusive retreat is only:


Our retreats always sell out and this one will be no exception (the last Mojo retreat filled up in 48 hrs – no shit!)

UPDATE:  The April 2019 Retreat is SOLD OUT

We do sometimes have last minute cancellations. If you want to be notified when a spot opens up, sign up below. Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis based on your position on the waiting list. 



Our our accommodations will blow your mind... 

Once you land in Puerto Vallarta the warm, moist air will let you know you're in the right place. We will arrange transportation that will take you 1hr north of the airport and a million miles away... 

Hacienda Alegre (Happy House) is a gorgeous, unique luxury estate located on the Bay of Banderas - about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

When you pass through the gate to the Hacienda, you'll first notice the lush landscaping and beautiful grounds.  We'll show you to your private luxury room and let you settle in.  Then you'll join us in the main house which stands on a twenty-five foot cliff overlooking the beach with sweeping and uninterrupted views. 

You'll join us on the front deck for a sunset happy hour and begin to immediately laugh and relax with other men who are as excited to me you and you are them.  The staff is the most friendly, attentive and amazing group of people you'll ever meet. 

Warning: You may feel spoiled rotten and little guilty for doing absolutely nothing for a change!

Shortly, Nayum and Rosi will be serving the first of many gourmet meals you'll enjoy during the retreat.  The brothers will share a big table and toast to one of the most powerful and most bonding experiences you've ever had.

Then... sunset, great conversation, bedtime... wake up... repeat.

(Check out the video below for a fly-through of Hacienda Alegre)


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