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- a place where men learn to become calm, confident, compassionate husbands, fathers, and leaders

Can a You Reawaken Your Natural Masculine Mojo and Become a Truly Confident Man?

The short answer is: HELL YES! 

From the very beginning of Mojopolis in 2017, our desire was to create coaching events both live and virtually, where men would be able to rediscover their own value and design a life for themselves that is truly worth living.

Since then, hundreds of men have been through our coaching courses, and retreats with amazing results.

The Pain Is What Got Me Here...

It's been said that the pain pushes until the reward pulls. 

Many of the men we work with come to us through the "wound of relationship." Maybe you already know what that kind of pain is like...

You've been crushing it at work, but at home you're the one getting crushed

Suddenly, after years of settling for just "OKAY" when it comes to your relationship, but hanging in there anyway, the love of your life says, "I need space..." 

The Divorce Bomb drops on you and the proverbial poop hits the fan.  You find yourself in free-fall with your hair on fire. Or at least that's what it feels like. 

For some of us, the pain had to push pretty frickin' hard before we were ready to stop suffering in silence and get some support and help. But that's okay. Whatever gets you here. 

We know what that's like because we've both been there. And we know how to not only endure this painful time, but to come out the other side a more confident, happy, self-assured man than ever before. 

Is That All There Is?

Perhaps your relationship is "pretty good," but you find yourself asking: 

  • Is this the way the next 3 or 4 decades is going to look like? Is this IT?
  • What happened to that confident guy who was going to conquer the world?
  • How do I take back control of my life and create my own long-term happiness and well-being?

Our mission doesn't stop after we help you land on your feet in WTF Just Happened Land. We are committed to you not just surviving, but becoming the Author of your Life Story and create the future you really want.

“I Love You But I’m Not IN Love With You Anymore”

Pain of Divorce
  • Maybe your wife has grown distant and told you that she says she "needs space."
  • Seemingly out of the blue she declares"This just isn't working..."
  • Perhaps you've heard the all too common, "I just don't feel a connection with you."
  • Or she's already dropped the Divorce Bomb on you…

If you have heard any of these things or your wife has begun to pull and away give you the cold shoulder, then it's imperative that you check out this unique program for men:

How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb
How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb
How to Defuse the Divorce Bomb

An In-Depth, Laser-Focused, Online Course Designed To Give You Back Your Masculine Confidence, Clarity, Peace, Happiness, and Mojo When Your Marriage Is On the Rocks


Master Coach Steve Horsmon

Steve used to be a Good Guy who tried to please everyone in his life (except himself of course). Today he is a Great Man who teaches other Good Guys who struggle in their relationships with women to become the confident men that their partners crave. From his many years of experience as a coach, he knows how women think and the many traps that men fall into.

Master Coach Tim Wade

Tim is a Speaker, Writer, and Coach who helps men create more intimacy, love, sex, and connection in their marriages. He coaches them to reignite their natural mojo and step into healthy masculine power. Tim has been working as an empowerment coach since 2010 and brings 25 years of experience in personal growth and transformation.

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